Electric fencing as a security measure

Think about it by doing this, farmers, animals owners and horse owners all utilize electric fences, they also all make their living or have a passion for the animals they are trying to contain. If you were them, would you knowingly put your income at risk by putting a unsafe fence where you know the animals will touch it, instead of a routine fence? No, of course not. So, these fences must be safe, best? See more on our website

They deliver more of a buzz than a crack if managed properly electric fences are undoubtedly very safe. The fence is a deterrent, nothing more. Ask any farmer if the fence could eliminate an animal and most would laugh it off saying, ‘Well my canine bites the thing everyday and he’s still here’. Electric fences do have the ability to provide a stronger shock, however animal owners will not have their fences completely charged. The fence will be set so that when animals and individuals enter into contact with the fence they are most likely to experience a pain or mild shock instead of actual discomfort. The concept behind an electric fence in Kempton Park is to deliver a one-time shock that teaches the animal not to touch the fence gain and for that reason makes it a lot easier to contain.

Electric fence security

For those that still hold reservations, I would recommend having a chat with an electrical fence expert, but for now here are some security ideas that owners and prospective owners ought to bear in mind:

Use warning signs, ensure everybody knows that the amazed

  • Never ever modify your electric fence without first seeking advice from the maker, there is a reason that the fence runs the way it does and you could be making it less safe by altering it
  • Never ever utilize barbed wire in your electric fence, it’s a poor conductor and can trap animals on the fence leading to consecutive shocks
  • Have an specialist install your fence if you are at all uncertain of how to do it yourself, most suppliers will utilize an electrical contractor or supply this as an additional service
  • Guarantee all those who come in regular contact comprehend ways to detach the fence in case of an emergency situation, write these directions down and keep it near the controls
  • Use the ideal product for your circuitry, if your fence is exposed to high winds regularly thick tape will be unsuitable as the fence may lean or collapse
  • Examine the fence’s voltage frequently to guarantee it never reaches a hazardous level.