How To Find The Best Guest House For Your Stay

There are numerous choices that you could think about if you are searching for Pretoria guest houses. South Africa, and Pretoria in particular, are very popular tourist destinations. Pretoria itself is a stately and peaceful city that attracts visitors who have an interest in culture and history.

It is important to reserve your lodging as early as possible. As each year more travelers head to South Africa, the very best rooms will be reserved out far ahead of time. You can use the internet to find a wealth of details connecting to the various options. Hang out searching the sites of numerous hotels, as well as taking a look at the information held on different trip review websites.

At the outset, you must be clear on the type of accommodation you desire. Think about the facilities you wish to have access to. As in all traveler location hotspots, you will get what you pay for. There are specific ways you get a decrease in the general investment. If you schedule the lodging straight with the guest house, there would be a much better chance of getting a bargain.

When it comes to preparing an affordable holiday, timing is whatever. Know that at Christmas and the New Year, the expense of a room can double, or perhaps triple. South Africa is a destination that can be appealing all year, if you wish to discover a budget-friendly offer, consider preparing your see for March or September. The climate is warm twelve months of the year.

Those visitors that have a passion for the history of Pretoria should think about staying in a main part of the town. Here you can discover museums and art galleries. The Transvaal Museum showcases the area’s natural history in a big and interesting collection.

A number of the hotels in Pretoria provide access to a pool for guests to relax in after a long day exploring the area, this is important if you have hurting bones. You may prefer to stay in a facility that uses spa services. It can also be beneficial to look for a package that includes a complimentary breakfast and directed tour.

Website Style Ways to Create Your Perfect website

There are so many website style business dotted around the globe, it appears every guy and his canine is establishing such a company, in fact anyone with a laptop appears able to use this service, and the costs for such a service are dropping like flies, you can pick up a website for a couple of hundred pounds etc

So what makes one website design business different from another? What are the distinct selling points that you have to watch for to make you select one business over other. At Eazi Web Cape Town we design affordable websites for business.

This concern really depends upon the type of company that you are in, eg. if you are an elegant hotel with a variety of restaurants, you are going to need a website a bit more upmarket than say a local tradesman such as an electrical expert or a plumbing professional; this is certainly going to reflect in the rate that is charged.


One of the most neglected items when trying to find a website designer is whether any search engine optimization (SEO) is included, without this your website will never get seen by people/customers searching for the keywords connecting to your website/business, this is most likely the most essential factor when deciding who to get to develop your website.

Creating sites today is reasonably easy compared with 5 or 10 years back, you have content handled sites such as WordPress these can be constructed by anyone with an intermediate knowledge of computer systems, you do not need to have any website design or html understanding. The reason why there are so numerous website style companies springing up, what these companies don’t or cannot do is the most essential thing to do with a website and that is SEO, the problem is that it takes an extremely long time to do it.

If you are trying to find a website design business in your local area just enter to Google “website style” + your region, for example website design in Lincoln, this will bring you up a list of website designers in Lincoln revealing with a map in the top right-hand man corner and little warnings showing where the businesses lie, you have to be picking one of these companies as there SEO abilities have been shown by them being on the very first page of Google.

Choose The ideal blinds for your house

Blinds are available in many colors, products and expense rates. Among the most popular of the Blinds out there are the Aluminum Blinds. They can be found in various sizes, 1″ to 2″ blind size.

It is necessary that your Blinds are the right size for your windows. It is very important to comprehend and measure how the Blinds are hung before you buy. Blinds also come in many qualities of item. When selecting your Blinds that you look at all the many options that blinds deal, it is crucial.

Window blinds can be found in lots of designs, including wood blinds, synthetic wood blinds, mini blinds and vertical blinds.

Wood Blinds are a need to for those of you who desire the full richness of real wood blinds. These blinds provide terrific style options in addition to make up for different kinds of budgets. If you want to highlight the richness of the wood in your floorings, these blinds are the ideal choice for you.

You ought to look at the new faux wood blinds if budget plan is your primary option for buying blinds. These blinds can offer you the look and feel of real wood blinds, but at a much more cost-effective rate. Synthetic wood blinds are likewise a fantastic product to put in the areas of your home that experience high temperatures in winter season and summer, blinds resisting wet and cold temperatures.

Mini Blinds be available in standard blind sizes. They are simple blinds to fit into your home or office. Easy measurement and simple installation make these blinds very popular. Many Blind producers provide a minimal life time guarantee with these kinds of Blinds. These blinds likewise can be found in hundreds of colors and sizes .

Vertical Blinds can give a wonderful improve seek to your windows. These kinds of blinds are great for narrower doors and windows . A growing number of people are changing their heavy drape appearance, for a structured look of vertical Blinds. Typically these kinds of blinds are made from vinyl or wood, and are a tracking setup system. These blinds are created to have different “draw” elements. Exactly what do we imply various draw aspects? Many blinds only open one way, vertical blinds can be configured to open up in the centre, or at the side, with different controls to open the blinds letting light in, in different directions.

These blinds also have remote controls! How easy is that?

Blinds are likewise really easy to tidy and preserve. Many companies offer their blinds with a minimal lifetime assurance. Blinds can provide you that streamlined appearance, fit your budget plan, match your colors, and create the mood you want. It’s time to change your environment to create the feel and look you desire, and blinds can do that.

Blinds can also develop insulation from the cold and from the heat in the summer season. Blinds are quickly gotten used to let just the correct amount of light into your area. Select your mood with the many alternatives of blinds on the marketplace.

Speaking about being in control of the temperature, there are likewise blinds out there that double for sunscreens! These brand-new roller blinds are best for your “view room”. Where you want the bright sun to be subdued, but at the same time have an unobstructed view of your environments. These blinds are excellent in lowering the sun glare, at the same time as enabling the light to still filter into your space, therefore lowering the expense of having artificial lights on during the day. These blinds also are available in about 50 various colors, matching practically any room color out there. These blinds have a streamlined and contemporary look. And best of all, these blinds offer you heat and light control, hence decreasing your heating and cooling bills!

Steelworks to put up vehicle ports and other structures

A big market has actually grown up for steelwork repairings much along the line of fixings of the Lindapter type. The steelwork market started with all the dealings with being long-term and with no possibility of addition or variation. Carports Durban manufactured by Landosol.

Initially the steel beams and plates were fitted by rivets and bolts in repaired positions through drilled holes. As steelwork advanced the beams and channels changed and there ended up being a requirement for more versatile dealings with which could be included later on or changed, as the requirements altered. If a set of racks had to be hung from channel or equipment or indications fitted, these now required a brand-new system of mendings. This new system appeared in a set of clamps and wedges that suited channels or secured the various extra pieces together to form the assistances or bases needed. Click Here

In supported and suspended decking floors they are utilized to secure services to the floor without damaging the stability of the flooring.

These wedges and clamps had to be strong and irreversible till the dealings with are released and they are now made from steel or flexible iron and evaluated to the loads needed. The services can be laid just where they need to go and the clamps are of such range that they can quickly be used to secure trays, channels and much like the existing structure.

The wedges and clamps are of such a friction that they will not move under the most extreme pressures. They can include swivel joints to satisfy reversals and can be fitted using all the usual tools an engineer will have. They do not require any function made tooling. They can also be dismantled quickly and re-fixed where essential without any major distress’s.

If there is a need to clamp 2 girders together this can be finished with the minimum of hassle while still retaining the integrity of the connection. For the sign business a structure can be put together and all the letters then included and protected by a choice of clamps and wedges with no recourse to external power tools. It is probably one of the most convenient systems to fit because of the adaptability of the connection dealings with and that power tools are not needed.

Electric fencing as a security measure

Think about it by doing this, farmers, animals owners and horse owners all utilize electric fences, they also all make their living or have a passion for the animals they are trying to contain. If you were them, would you knowingly put your income at risk by putting a unsafe fence where you know the animals will touch it, instead of a routine fence? No, of course not. So, these fences must be safe, best? See more on our website

They deliver more of a buzz than a crack if managed properly electric fences are undoubtedly very safe. The fence is a deterrent, nothing more. Ask any farmer if the fence could eliminate an animal and most would laugh it off saying, ‘Well my canine bites the thing everyday and he’s still here’. Electric fences do have the ability to provide a stronger shock, however animal owners will not have their fences completely charged. The fence will be set so that when animals and individuals enter into contact with the fence they are most likely to experience a pain or mild shock instead of actual discomfort. The concept behind an electric fence in Kempton Park is to deliver a one-time shock that teaches the animal not to touch the fence gain and for that reason makes it a lot easier to contain.

Electric fence security

For those that still hold reservations, I would recommend having a chat with an electrical fence expert, but for now here are some security ideas that owners and prospective owners ought to bear in mind:

Use warning signs, ensure everybody knows that the amazed

  • Never ever modify your electric fence without first seeking advice from the maker, there is a reason that the fence runs the way it does and you could be making it less safe by altering it
  • Never ever utilize barbed wire in your electric fence, it’s a poor conductor and can trap animals on the fence leading to consecutive shocks
  • Have an specialist install your fence if you are at all uncertain of how to do it yourself, most suppliers will utilize an electrical contractor or supply this as an additional service
  • Guarantee all those who come in regular contact comprehend ways to detach the fence in case of an emergency situation, write these directions down and keep it near the controls
  • Use the ideal product for your circuitry, if your fence is exposed to high winds regularly thick tape will be unsuitable as the fence may lean or collapse
  • Examine the fence’s voltage frequently to guarantee it never reaches a hazardous level.

Furniture Removals and Furniture Storage

Moving can be very difficult, so to alleviate the regional furniture removal and get a furniture packing team, here are a couple of pointers on loading all your things up. It is most likely the most time consuming part of the whole furniture removal procedure, whether you’re simply crossing town or going to require interstate furniture removal services.

Make a detailed List

Making a list of all the important things you’re bring will make sure that you remember to bring anything, and it’s a fantastic method to arrange exactly what things will fit instead of simply discarding as lots of things as possible into one box. This will likewise assist make unloading simpler. You can simply inspect the important things that you wished to pack off your list to see if they got here. Spot On Movers will assist you in this process.

When it’s time to open up the boxes, number or identify your boxes so you understand exactly what’s exactly what. If you need interstate furniture removal in case you require access to some things prior to others, you may likewise desire to put distinct or numbered labels on the boxes. Exceptionally time consuming, loading properly will be worth it when you’re in your brand-new house.

The Importance of Good  Labels

Labels are essential throughout any furniture removal, after all, things end up being a lot easier to discover when they are positioned with comparable things and plainly designated for a particular space or use.

Do not ignore the little things. A relocation is not completely a physical procedure; it is a shift in one’s lifestyle, that includes a variety of jobs that you might not have actually kept in mind.

Look after your energies scenario as rapidly as possible, and ensure to develop a forwarding address in case any roaming mail gets sent out to your previous house.

You need to send out modification of address cards to your pals, colleagues, and family members so that crucial details does not get lost in the mail. These jobs are simply a few of the important things that you must bear in mind as you begin your relocation, so attempt to keep whatever arranged by examining and developing lists off whatever as you finish it. That way, you will feel a sense of achievement each time you achieve an objective and absolutely nothing will leave undetected.

Check Before You Go

Prior to leaving for good, gone through your home and check everything-drawers, closets, behind doors-just to make sure that you are not leaving anything behind. At least, such a step will benefit your assurance.

As quickly as you get to your brand-new location, ensure that packages and furniture that you brought make their method to the appropriate spaces; such a basic job will make you feel a lot much better when the time concerns unload and you do not need to go going through your home searching for a box identified for the kitchen area just to discover it in the restroom.

Keep in mind to take your time with the unloading procedure. Discharge crucial things initially, such as clothes, toiletries, and enough kitchen area products to make yourself a meal; after all, you have actually certainly made a little bit of time to unwind.

Then there are couple of things that you will desire to be conscious of prior to you get begun, if you are preparing for furniture storage. For something, obviously you are going to require a storage center to keep your furniture in and there are generally 2 methods to opt for that.

The Professional Mover Option

The very first instructions you can take is to have your furniture evacuated, delivered and saved by expert movers. There are numerous advantages to this choice that you might wish to think about. Of all, they do all of the heavy lifting, which is a lot simpler then raising and moving your furniture by yourself.

Still More Conveniences

They will securely keep your furniture and they will likewise have insurance coverage offered that will account for any damage that may take place. They will provide your furniture when you are all set to get it which is extremely practical.

Preparation is Key

The other choice is to move and keep your furniture yourself. While this alternative is one of the most labor extensive, it is likewise the most inexpensive option to pick from. Then it is essential to bear in mind that preparation is your secret to success, if you pick this alternative.

DSTV Installations and Repairs

Our accredited company, Globetech DSTV Installers, offers a range of digital TV products, setups and servicing for all types of users, be it commercial, residential or communal in Cape Town.

We adhere to the highest standards of all accredited installers and we are dedicated to providing the highest degree of workmanship, making your DSTV installation as hassle free as possible.

By choosing us you can be sure of the best service when it is most convenient for you. With our speedy, hassle free package you’ll have your Mnet Multichoice channels set up in no time at all! Call us today on 079 067 1054.

As one of Cape Town’s larger accredited DSTV suppliers in xx we have skilled and experienced technicians available at short notice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Types of Self Storage in Midrand Available

There are 4 sort of self storage in Midrand. These include:

1. Environment handled self storage – such storage systems in Sandton are rapidly utilized within enclosed structures. All the systems are humidity and temperature level dealt with makings use of security to the valued ownerships. In all environment dealt with self storage centers, gain access to is restricted to authorised users. There is close tracking and hi tech security systems in location.

2. Non environment managed storage – these are a lot more cost-efficient than the environment dealt with systems. These lie outdoors and numerous row set of garages. They look extremely simply like common garages, get gotten ready for that a series of systems are connected to each other and shared mesh partitions. Non environment managed storage centers make it possible for users to increase to the door of the system and get or drop off products.
3. Portable container storage – normally made use of when people think about tension reconditioning work at house and require storage location for their individual valued specific ownerships. When you use this sort of self storage center, the organisation will supply a container to your door action where you can keep your ownerships. You can choose to keep this container storage system on your house or you can have it chosen up by the service as rapidly as you have in reality conserved your specific individual ownerships. Your valued ownerships will be safeguarded in these containers when the service takes the system, they will wait at their center up till you need your valued treasured ownerships.
4. Details management service – when you use details management service, the organisation will get files from your house or workplace and bring them to their climate-controlled storage systems. Your products will be offered back to you upon requirement. Products that can be saved usually consist of files, folders and other sort of files. Such centers do not conserve significant items such as home furnishings, tools and home gadgets.
Getting Insurance protection defense For Your Self Storage Products in Midrand
Much of people presume that self-storage service in Midrand offer insurance defense security for their products. For the most parts, this is not the case. You may have the capability to get thorough insurance protection defense security for your valued belongings, nevertheless this service will be consisted of to the expenditure of your center leasing. Particular company may use basic security which will be consisted of in your method. Nonetheless, this sort of insurance protection security defense is typically inadequate for the items stores in these centers, in case of losses and damages. For this part, it is essential for you to research study all insurance coverage security defense security options. This similarly consists of those which are utilized with the agreement.
Get Self Storage in Midrand Amongst the in reality finest techniques to get insurance coverage security defense for your self storage items is to acquire from your home insurance protection defense organisation. There are some who will provide security for your storage products.
Nevertheless, it is incredibly needed for you to make sure that you verify the quantity of security that is being provided. This is thinking of that numerous policies will reduce the quantity of defense for products kept away in storage centers. Nevertheless, you might have the capability to acquire additional security for at an included rate. On the other hand, you can also get a good deals of policy from your home insurance coverage service company.

Wedding Centerpiece ideas

These unique centerpiece ideas for a wedding will leave a lasting impression on everyone that takes part in your ceremony and reception. Every bride wants her big day to be incredibly special, and creating a unique wedding in Heidelberg, that everyone remembers fondly is the ultimate goal of most engaged couples.

Centerpiece-ideaOne of the first decisions that a bride and groom must make together is the season in which they’d like to get married. After all, winter weddings are typically much different than spring and summer weddings, so it’s important to select the time of year that’s right for you. After the season has been narrowed down and an official wedding date has been chosen, it’s time to begin selecting wedding colors!

The wedding color palette is crucial because it must be incorporated into all aspects of the wedding such as the bridesmaid dresses, the floral arrangements, the ceremony and reception decorations, and often times the wedding cake, too! Once a color or group of colors has been chosen, you should begin thinking of ideas for your wedding reception.

Wedding centerpiece idea

Your wedding is supposed to be a beautiful event, not one that makes you want to rip your hair out, so you should try your best to avoid stressing out! That’s why these simple yet elegant centerpiece ideas for a wedding will come in handy.

Round reception tables are the norm at most wedding receptions, and they typically have some sort of tablecloth or table linens. Tablecloths in a basic, muted shade such as cream or light beige will work best with these centerpiece ideas for a wedding. Depending on the size of the table, six to eight place settings will most likely be present. Set a tall clear glass wine goblet in front of each plate and stuff a cloth napkin inside each so that it puffs out and looks like a flower. Use cloth napkins that are the main color of your wedding – for example, napkins that are the same color as the bridesmaid dresses. The colored napkins will add emphasis to your table, especially since you have such basic-colored tablecloths. These “floral glasses” are simple yet elegant, and they are also completely functional because they are composed of two items that need to be on the table anyway.
Place a round mirror in the middle of the table, and set a glass bowl or vase filled with a floral arrangement that includes flowers which are the same color as your napkins. For an extra bit of “oomph” you can scatter flower petals on the table as well. These simple ideas are stylish, unique, and classy, and your friends and family will be sure to remember your special day!

Pink Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpiece IdeasFlowers and candles have always been popular wedding table centerpiece ideas, but if you can’t make up your mind between the two there’s no reason you can’t have both! There are countless ways of combining floral arrangements and candles into stunning wedding centerpieces, and with a little thought and little effort you can create some of the prettiest wedding reception table decorations that you’ve ever seen. In fact, the blushing bride may wind up sharing the spotlight with her reception centerpieces on the big day!
Pink has always been a fashionable wedding color because it’s so romantic. Pastel shades of pink symbolize youthfulness and innocence while bright pinks and hot pinks give off a trendy, up-to-the-minute vibe. Whichever shade of pink you prefer, including pink flowers in your wedding centerpieces shouldn’t be a problem because there are so many pink flowers to choose from! Dahlias, pansies, daisies, gladiolas, lilies, and peonies are just a few… and let’s not forget the all-time wedding favorite, roses!

Your wedding florist should be able to help you choose the perfect combination of flowers and greenery for your centerpieces, and you’re going to need some clear glass vases in which to display the floral arrangements. Square or rectangular-shaped vases are great wedding table centerpiece ideas! Place the pink floral arrangements in the center of your reception tables. wedding centerpiece idea Set them on top of round mirrors in order to create a bit of shine.

Now it’s time to throw some candles into the mix. You can find tea light candles and small glass candleholders at just about any discount store in town, and they’re relatively inexpensive. Place two candles on top of the mirror beside your pink floral arrangement. White candles will add a bit of contrast to all of the pink, but pastel pink candles will work as well – it’s up to you!

Providing guests with wedding favors to take home with them is a tradition that most brides enjoy, and incorporating the color pink into these little gifts can also help you think of wedding table centerpiece ideas. Place small candies, such as mints, Jordan almonds, or M&Ms into individual pink pouches or bags. You can tie them with pink ribbons and attach a small tag that includes the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. Place one of these pink wedding favors in front of each place setting in order to add even more pink to the reception table.

The use of pink floral arrangements, small tea light candles, and pink wedding favors is an easy way to incorporate the color pink into your wedding table centerpieces. Whether you follow these plans exactly or tweak them to make them your own, you’ll be sure to have attractive reception tables!

Outdoor Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpiece IdeasWhether it’s at the beach or in your own backyard, our wedding reception centerpiece ideas will come in handy as you plan your outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings usually take a bit more planning and effort than indoor weddings because of their location, but your reception centerpieces don’t have to be difficult to make! Even if you decide to hold your reception indoors once the wedding ceremony is over, you can give your wedding centerpieces an outdoorsy feel that goes along with the overall theme of your special day.

Weddings held on white sandy beaches automatically have a tropical feel to them, and using seashells and palm branches as table decorations are wonderful wedding reception centerpiece ideas. Place a few pieces of palm on the center of each table, beach wedding centerpiece and set a large conch shell on top. You can then scatter a variety of smaller seashells around the large shell. Surround your tropical creation with white candles in clear glass jars that have been wrapped with strands of twine. This is an easy centerpiece that can go along with a tropical beach wedding or simply add a tropical vibe to a wedding held in your own backyard.

Speaking of which, backyard weddings are growing in popularity as more and more people decide to scale down and save money by holding inexpensive weddings and receptions at home. Patio tables and picnic tables are a great place to eat dinner and socialize during a wedding reception, and you can easily decorate them with great centerpieces. Small metal buckets full of wild flowers may be all that you need, but if you’d like to skip the flowers altogether you can use food as centerpieces. Red and white checkered tablecloths and homemade apple pies can give your backyard reception tables a “country” appearance, and baskets of fruit can act as both decoration and healthy alternatives to sweet desserts.

Gardens can provide a quaint, romantic setting for outdoor weddings, and many also have adequate space for outdoor receptions. Tables can be set up among gorgeous trees and flowers, and additional floral arrangements are easy outdoor wedding reception centerpiece ideas. Vases of flowers that grew in the garden add charm to the reception, and you can even scatter additional flower petals on each reception table for an extra touch of romance.
Outdoor weddings and receptions may involve a bit of extra work, but coming up with ideas for your wedding reception centerpieces should be a fun process. Save money by creating them yourself, and work together with your fiancé to create special memories together. Be sure to remind your wedding photographer to take a lot of pictures of them!

17 things you should know about wedding venues

Is the wedding venue available on our wedding day?Magical Venues

Sounds like an obvious first question doesn’t it, but you really need to ask it first. There is no point visiting a potential wedding venue, falling in love with the idea of getting married there and not being able to make your dreams happen because another bride and groom got there first.
If you’ve already chosen your special date, then we suggest you telephone the wedding venue ahead of the visit and state you can only make that date, if they are already booked up then get back to the list and find another fantastic wedding venue.

How many guests can be seated for a meal at the wedding venue?

This is fairly crucial, you don’t want to book a wedding venue that have a seating area for 250 people if you’re only inviting 60 to a sit down meal.
In turn you also want to ensure your guests can sit comfortably without being crammed into a small venue, or even worse, being left to feel as if they’re shoved in at the back, and can barely see the top table. Once you’ve got a rough idea of how many wedding guests are being invited, you need to make sure your chosen wedding venue suits your requirements.

Request to see a sample seating plan, ask about whether they have round tables, maybe even ask to see photos of previous wedding meals and how the tables are laid out. This will give you a good indication of whether you can seat your wedding party and ensure everyone is happy.

How many guests can the wedding venue accommodate for the wedding reception?

Some couples prefer to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony, and then follow that with the mother of all parties in the evening. If this is your plan, be sure that the wedding venue can accommodate this. You don’t want to have 200 evening guests descend on your wedding and find them all squeezed in, or unable to get to the bar. Again, the flip-side is that you don’t want to find out your wedding venue has a separate dance floor and bar area that resembles a barn – the single easiest way to have zero-atmosphere at your wedding reception is to find the wedding DJ or band playing to a half empty hall, with your wedding guests sitting around the edges not mingling.

What time can we access the wedding venue?

“Exclusively yours for the entire day!”… says their website. But what does that mean exactly? Each wedding venue will have their own rules of when you can access the building on your wedding day.

Simply confirm what time you can arrive ahead of the wedding, you don’t want to be left standing outside waiting for the cleaner to turn up.

Can the bridal party get ready at the wedding venue?

Maybe this is something the bride would prefer, instead of rushing around in the morning, why not ask the venue if they have the facilities for the bride to prepare for her wedding day in the comfort of her wedding venue.

Obviously you’ll want something nicer then a conference room, or a ladies changing room at a golf club, but if the wedding venue has a nice quiet comfortable room for the bride to arrive and perhaps have her hairdresser, make-up artist and the rest of her entourage help her prepare for her wedding day then all the easier.

Can we give you a CD of our wedding music for the bride’s entrance?

If you’re having a civil ceremony performed in an approved premises you won’t be able to use any music that has religious references in the song at all. By this we mean, terms like: Angels, Heaven, God etc etc. So no Robbie Williams ballads. The wedding venue will be fully aware of this and may have a CD of acceptable music, which is fine. However, if you want to make your wedding entrance to music of your choice you need to ensure that the wedding venue does actually allow this.

Assuming they are OK with you bringing along your own CD with your favourite song on it to play at the bridal entrance, it’s well worth dropping it off a day or two in advance to the wedding venue and asking them to test the CD on their player. You don’t want for them to try and play it as you’re nervously standing there only to find out your old CD is scratched or your CD-R won’t work on their machine.

The registrar will have to approve the songs you’ve chosen ahead of the wedding, but they should clarify all of this when you meet them.

Can we agree a timetable of the day, or are we set to your times?

Obviously a good wedding venue will suggest times to you, they’ll know how long each stage of the day will take. Ensure you can discuss the day’s timetable, agree when the ceremony will start (you’ll also need to approve that time with the registrar), plan how long the photos will take, agree the start time of the meal, decide what time to invite the evening wedding guests, and when the cutting of the cake and first dance will take place.

Can we bring our own drinks to the wedding venue, if not can we see the bar prices?

This is an interesting one, and well worth asking the question. Even if a wedding venue has a licensed bar available they still may agree that you could bring your own drinks along – even if it’s just fruit juices for the kids, it could save you money.

If you’re hiring a marquee at a venue, they will have a temporary bar for your guests – ask if you can stock the bar yourself, maybe even do a deal with someone who’ll buy all the booze for you and manage the bar for the night.

Should the wedding venue insist that you must use their bar facilities, ensure you ask to see the bar prices first, whether you or your guests are paying, no one wants a huge bar bill. Also check about wine served at the meal, and champagne for toasts.

Do we have to use your caterers, or can we instruct our own?

Some wedding venues insist that you must use their caters. This may be a restriction, however their own caters obviously have the knowledge of the venue and their kitchens, and would of catered for many weddings before – so maybe it’s not a bad thing.

However, it’s worth asking the question as if you are not committed to their caters you can shop around, and enjoy plenty of food tasting along the way.

If it’s raining, where would be the best spot to take our photos?

The Hawk

It won’t rain on your wedding day, surely not. Hopefully not. Maybe.
If the sun lets you down on the most important day of your life, you need a back-up plan. Have a good look around the wedding venue and ask where photos are normally taken during rainy days.

You really want to avoid having an awful backdrop indoors, when you were planning lovely photos out on the lawn. Most wedding venues are beautiful places anyhow, so they’ll be used to the British weather letting down brides before, and no doubt have a proffered beauty spot indoors to act as the back-drop for your wedding photographers to take your photos.

Is there a sound limiter on our wedding DJ or band?

Not a question most brides or grooms would consider asking, hence we threw it in the mix.

The thought is that if you’ve paid up to R5000 for a wedding DJ, or potentially even more for a wedding band, then you want to be able to hear them at the back.

Unfortunately a lot of wedding venues in residential areas will be restricted to acceptable noise levels – this may mean your live entertainment loses some atmosphere on the dance floor. If you are planning a huge party for your wedding – check this first.

Do we need to order the full amount of guests for the buffet?

If you have 100 wedding guests in the evening, do you need to book a buffet for 100 people? You know that your mates will be more interested in the bar, most people who ate the wedding breakfast won’t be too hungry, so why not ask the wedding venue if you can just pay for 80% of the expected guests.

This way you’re saving some more money, and potentially saving wasted food at the end of the night.

Is there accommodation available at the wedding venue?

Maybe the wedding venue has a honeymoon suite available? A lot of weddings have visiting relatives from far afield, this means they’ll need somewhere to stay. You need to check in advance where you are going to spend your first night as a married couple, and if the venue has accommodation available then this could be your best option.

Even if you chosen wedding venue happens to be part of a hotel complex, you’ll still need to book accommodation for those who need it, so get your bookings in early.

Do you have a wedding cake stand we can use?

The Hawk DecorYour wedding cake needs to sit on something, it’s a focal point of your wedding day, and will set you back a fair few quid. No doubt the wedding cake maker will offer you a cake stand and knife for hire, but quite often the wedding venue will have a top quality cake stand ready for you.
If they do, it’s another little saving and one less thing to worry about.

Will there be any other weddings on at the same venue?

Why have we left this one so late? Well, it’s a personal choice whether you want a wedding venue entirely to yourself for the day, or whether you mind having another wedding party on the same day.

Whether it makes much difference or not depends on the size of the wedding venue. A small wedding venue may not have the space, or the different rooms for two large weddings.

You may find yourself sharing facilities, do you mind bumping into another bride?

Large hotels or golf clubs or private manor houses are often designed in a way that they can easily accommodate more then one wedding. Lets face it, weddings are big business so they want to attract as many as possible. If your chosen wedding venue will be playing host to more then one wedding on YOUR wedding day, ask to see where the two parties take place and ensure you’re comfortable with the idea.

What time does the bar shut, and what time do we have to leave?

Surely the most important question, what time can we party until? A good wedding venue will not go around at the end of the night throwing guests out of the door, however they will expect your wedding guests to leave at an appropriate time. Clarify with the venue what time is last orders at the bar, and what time does the music have to be finished by.

You’ll want one big farewell and send-off at the end of the night, so ensure your DJ is aware of the closing time and that he is prepared for the last dance and farewell to the new Mr & Mrs!